The recovery game is real. Approximately every 12 seconds on Instagram, the hashtag #recovery is used. Every 30 seconds, #edrecovery is used. Every 7 seconds, #depression posts are uploaded. The same goes for #injuryrecovery #PTSD #sobriety #sexualabuse and #trauma. Tens of millions of people are recovering from something. The world is on a healing journey. 


Recovery Gangster is about uniting the tribe. 


Whatever recovery journey you're on, you are welcome here. Let's heal together. Let's become the most radiant, badass and resilient versions of ourselves. Our gang is all about self love and self care. It's about overcoming and moving beyond what is holding you back to live your best life. Whatever you have been through, wherever you are now - you are a BADASS. You've come a long way, baby and now there is only one way:


Onwards and Upwards 


Founded in fall of 2017, Recovery Gangster is a blog, brand and online store. Partial proceeds from our products go to recovery-related organisations.