Hi my name is Ixchelle, I have been in recovery from substance abuse, PTSD and major depression for about 5 years now. As we all know, recovery is no walk in the park and it takes a self aware, strong and courageous person to overcome the many challenges it brings so if you are recovering from anything at all- you are strong 💪🏼 and should be so proud of yourself.

One thing I love about being in recovery is connecting with those who are also walking this difficult yet rewarding process. Through sharing your story and getting connected with others who are also in recovery, you gain some of the most meaningful relationships. The connections you can make are like none other in the sense that you are sharing parts of you that are raw and vulnerable and it is all the more rewarding when get your story out there and someone says, “I can relate” or “you helped me by sharing your truths”- it feels so empowering! This is what I live for! 💫💫💫 @ixchelle_ 💫💫💫