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Kelly Ann is a makeup artist, hair stylist and stylist from Orlando, Florida. In 2013, she experienced a spinal cord injury when a plane made a rough landing onto a runway. The injury, which is called Cauda Equina Syndrome, required emergency surgery to repair the damaged discs. Doctors told her she might not walk again, as she had total numbness through both legs, pelvis and very limited movement. She beat the odds and left her doctors astonished. Four years later she is walking totally unassisted, although she still experiences almost complete numbness through both her legs.


Her own recovery was challenging on many levels, as she literally had to re-learn to do almost everything in day to day life from walking, cooking, doing laundry and other household chores. It's been a tough four years, but Kelly Ann has found her new normal and stride in life: working on many different photo shoots and projects in Orlando. She also shares a house with her boyfriend in Texas and they travel through the US in a modified camper van with their two dogs. Needless to say, this whole experience has made her stronger than ever. She is the epitome of a Warrior Babe. Kelly Ann also styled and shot these series of photos. She is such a talented strong beauty!