W A R R I O R   B A B E //

Meet Kelsey of Vancouver, Canada. This beauty is a true warrior. Four years ago while travelling in northern India, she broke most of the bones in both legs and feet in a paragliding accident. 

Healing and recovery is one thing, but learning balance, pain management, and navigating a new pace of life - without wearing herself out emotionally by doing too much - is the most challenging aspect of her recovery. Trying to stay positive through the twists and turns of healing over the years is frustrating and exhausting. But still, she kept on. 

Her recovery was a true challenge - not in the initial stages, but later when some of the injuries lingered. In the following years her hip/femur was operated on three times with first a rod, and then a temporary plate, in and out. For two years, it seemed like a constant flow of bad news. Even her foot, despite many surgeries, continues to be troublesome to this day.

Serious injuries make someone strong on every level - emotionally, spiritually and mentally. Kelsey is clearly a warrior through and through. So proud to have her on our team here at Recovery Gangster. She is a warrior babe!